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Art.: Liena Bizune - Riga

Chemistry for Music


Computer programmer  "The many faces of Riga".



Teaching/learning tool, aimed to to facilitate multiculturalism help migrant students in the European classroom

Latvia - reasons for emigatiing and immigrating.

    Computer programmer  - Croatia - 17-20.05.2016

    "The many faces of Riga"

  • Programmer

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    Tatjana Moisejeva, (Levs Pospelovs)

    Ludmila Renge

    Jelena Chernakova

    Ivita Freimane

    Valerija Gushchina

    Valerija Chelak

    Irena Shinkareva

    Iveta Mūrniece

    Valentina Shamanova

"The Many Faces of Riga"
Good definition for the cultural project undertaken by the company "Riga CV" to promote the rich history and cultural heritage of our  region.

A product consisting of

1. A book

2. Posters for exhibition

3. A computer programmer

In four languages:

Russian, Latvian, German, English


The author of the computer programme

Tatjana Moisejeva - Deputy head of Riga Pardaugava school, IT teacher, Master of philological sciences.

The authors of the book  are:

Vlad Bogov - philologist, graduate LU , amateur ethnographer , specialized in the study of Riga during World War II

Cyril Soklakov - Germanic philology and pedagogic

Vladimir Sokolov

The authors of the posters are

Felix Talberg


Already since its foundation and up to the present day Riga was a multi-ethnic city. There coexisted since ancient times representatives of different nations and cultures. The founders of the city were the Germans, they gave the appearance of the medieval city of Riga. Do not forget that the first builders of the city began Livs and Latgale - the ancestors of modern Latvians.




Erasmus+ 2015/2017


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