Nature Studies

Erasmus+ 2015/2017
Animal world


Art.: Liena Bizune - Riga



Open lesson

Subject: Nature Studies

 Form 1A

Theme:  animal world of Latvia

Lidija Lazareva


Age of the students: 6-7 years old Objectives:

  • consolidate the knowledge about the diversity of forest dwellers;

  • develop the cognitive activity of children, the ability to use previously acquired knowledge in discussions

  • Encourage love and respect to the Nature.


  • develop the ability of students to navigate the information flows of the surrounding world;

  • master practical ways of working with information;

  • develop skills that let exchange the information with the help of modern technical means.

 Equipment: interactive whiteboard, presentation (PDF)

Pictures of wild animals and birds, posters with animals and birds, video "Footprints of animals", worksheets.




Latvia: Tatjana Moisejeva, Jelena Chernakova

Iceland: Guðbjörg Halla Magnadóttir, Bryndis Bjarnason, Sveinfríður Olga Veturliðadóttir

Garmany: Carsten Lampe


During the lesson:

I.      Organizational moment.

Greeting. Children read the poem by Nikolai Krasilnikov "Good morning.

Invented by someone kind and wise,

At a meeting, say hello: "GOOD MORNING!"



And everyone becomes kind, trustful.

May the GOOD MORNING last till evening!

II.      Knowledge updating.

What a beautiful and amazing our natural world. There are lots of riddles in it - just guess. And friends will help us in this - four-legged and feathered inhabitants.

At the lessons we talked about the fact that the forest is a living organism, where everything is connected by invisible threads, and we have the opportunity to go to the forest, to go into the forest. And today we will go to visit the forest, try to solve some of its riddles. But first let me introduce you to the mysterious inhabitant of the forest. If you want to see the mysterious inhabitant of the forest, listen and guess the riddle. If the answer is correct, then you will recognize the name and see the mysterious forest inhabitant.

The wooden man. Instead of a nose - a knot, hands - rods-hooks, and on legs - bast shoes. The whole green old man, who is this?

- Lesovichok. (A magic wood man who lives in the forest).

Now, together with Lesovichok we are going on an exciting journey, he has prepared assignments for you, here is the first one. Be careful! Slide 2.



Game "If I come to the forest" Slide 3.

     If I come to the forest and tear off the daisy? (No!)

     If I eat a pie and discard the paper? (No!)

     If I leave a piece of bread on the stump ? (Yes!)

     If I tie a branch, put a peg? (Yes!)

     If I make the fire, and I will not extinguish? (No!)

     If I strongly make a mess, and forget to clean? (No!)

     If I take the garbage away, I will dig it in? (Yes!)

     I love my nature, I help her! (Yes!)


Worksheet 1. "Spring mood" Slide 4.



Worksheet 2. "What are the similarities and differences among these animals?"

Presentation Wild animals Slide 5.

Find similarities.



Game "The Fourth Extra" Slide 6.

Children call animals that do not live in the forest.


     Fox, bear, goat, wolf.

     A cow, a deer, a hedgehog, a bear.

     Elk, horse, hare, squirrel.



Sport Minute. Slide 7.

Children perform movements under the song "Footprints". Video.

Riddles about birds.


Game "Guess whose voice is it?" Slide 8.

3 teams of the children and a team of our guests. Who will win?

Winners receive medals "Friends of birds!"



Reflection. Slide 9.

I am very grateful to you, you pleased me with your answers, the desire to help animals,

a kind attitude towards them, and the most important thing, I was pleased with your knowledge.



Acknowledgment of Lesovichok. Slide 10.



The appeal of the children to the guests:

We were expecting guests today,

And they weremet with excitement,

Do not judge us very strictly,

After all, we studied a little!



Handout of Lesovichok. Slide 11.


Additional materials:

  • - nightingale

  • - woodpecker

  • - magpie

  • - starling

  • cuckoo

  • - sparrow

  • - Skylark

  • - greenfinch

  • - shrike

  • - grouse

  • - kestrel

  • - turtledove

  • - Stancetail

Translate - Jelena Chernakova

Photo: Darja Jariga





Erasmus+ 2015/2017 | Animal world


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