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 Portugal. Vila Nova de Gaia

20.10.2015 – 24.10.2015



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The school is situated in the North of Portugal, located in south western Europe. Avintes is close to Oporto, in a more than a thousand-year-old village, on the left riverside of the Douro River with a population about 15000 inhabitants.


It has got an environmental tradition characterized by the existence of a Biological Park known internationally and a natural reserve

where animals from every continent live. It has also got a very strong cultural tradition in which theatre has its largest expression.


The school belongs to a group, since 2013 (economic policy of our government) with about 3000 students. On the school where we teach has got 800 students and some problems because of the lack of jobs to parents.


E.B 2/3 School of Avintes, (named Adriano Correia de Oliveira School) with 800 students aged between ten and sixteen in the compulsory regime, has around 70 teachers and it works daily from 8.15 a.m. to 18.30 p.m. . Some kindergartens and primary schools are part of the main school.

Our school is a modern nice building with a lot of natural light and with all the necessary facilities for a good functioning.


It has got a library and a resource centre where besides the books that everyone can use freely, there are also videos, CDs and temporary displays of works done by us.


It has got 25 classrooms, labs and handicraft classrooms, a sporty park with a gym and courts as well as playgrounds where we have fun during the breaks and Technology rooms where we have lessons and where in our free time we can surf the net.


Since 2004 we work in Comenius projects and Youth in Action / Jeunesse en Action. We have a European club at our school and we belong to the European network of European Clubs. Right now we have around 40 students in the club, with 11 years old up to 15. At the European Club we work mainly “Human Values” and “Democracy” and of course the “European History”

Our students are very active and engaged in the work.

Since 2003, we have worked several Comenius projects in which we use the English language . All over this time the teachers and students take part in the "Youth in Action" project ,where we also worked with the French language.


The school has received some awards for the work done with students at the European Club. Among them, we emphasize the special Jury Prize - video category at the World School Creativity Festival in Sanremo - Italy.


We are teachers of History, Mathematics, and responsible by the European Club, where we try to establish in our young people the values of Democracy, Human Rights and respect for the environment. We always invited Geography, English, ICT and Arts teachers to work with us in the different projects.


Latvijas Radio 4 - 04.06.2016 - Aleksej Romanov - Tatjana Moisejeva, Ludmila Renge, Irena Shinkareva



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