Programme Germany

Erasmus+ 2015/2017


Art.: Liena Bizune - Riga


2nd Transnational Erasmus+ Meeting


StARG Lüdenscheid

14.03.2016 – 18.03.2016 














Arrival of participants transfer from airports to Lüdenscheid


at StARG

(today is parent-teacher day, so no students in classes)

Welcome / meeting the headmaster Frank Bisterfeld à introduction to our school & town


at StARG

- guided tour of school


at StARG

- analysis of students composition and  achievements (1)

à presentations + discussion



in Croatia!



Transfer from Lüdenscheid to airports / train stations

(Da, He, Ig, La)









Check-in Hotel zur Altstadt in Lüdenscheid

9.15 h

Sad and glorious moments in a country’s history (1)

à presentations/ discussion

Germany, Cyprus,  Iceland

9.00 h

Our school without racism

à presentation of StARG student council

Press appointment  (Lüdenscheider Nachrichten)


9.15 h

Sad and glorious moments in a country’s history (3, if necessary)

à presentations/discussion

Latvia, Croartia, Portugal

Meeting partners / stroll through Lüdenscheid?

10.15 h

coffee break

10.15 h

coffee break

10.15 h

coffee break


Getting to know the local restaurants /pub scene






10.30 h

Sad and glorious moments in a country’s history (2)

à presentations/discussion

10.30 h

Changes in a country’s ethnic composition

à presentations/discussion

Croatia, Latvia, Cyprus

10.30 h

old and new objectives, adjustments, dates, planning 3rd meeting in Split (1)

11.00 h

Coach to Bonn,

lunch box on coach

12.00 h

transfer to town centre

Lunch in Lüdenscheid at Zuccabar

12.30 h

Lunch at school cafeteria



13.45 h

stroll to the river Rhine 


14.00 h

Lüdenscheid Town hall: Civil Reception Mayor of Lüdenscheid Dieter Dzewas

14.00 h

old and new objectives, adjustments, dates, planning 3rd meeting in Split (2)


- certificates


14.30 h

Guided tour House of History in Bonn (in English)

Coach Transfer to city centre, walk to Beethoven’s birth place, market, etc.


Phänomenta (interactive science museum) Lüdenscheid (Da, Vo, Bt)

___.00 h

transfer to hotel

- time for a stroll in Lüdenscheid, shopping? coffee/tea?



German National Museum of Contemporary History eveningmeal in Bonn

Gasthaus Im Stiefel, Bonngasse 30



20.00 h

Coach back to Lüdenscheid

19.00 - 22.00 h

Informal gathering / Erasmus+ Party at school with music, cabaret, theatre, drink/food, meeting colleagues, talking, laughing…

19.00 - 22.00 h

Friendship dinner

at Castle Altena

(Bi, Eb, Da, Vo, He, Ba, Ig, …)

The host school has prepared an interesting and quite busy three day programme of the meeting. Each day started in the school, including a guided tour of the building as well as work on project topics (presentations/discussion).

 In the afternoon of the first day, there was a trip to Bonn where the participants visited the local attractions like Beethoven’s birth place, the market, the River Rhine and the Bundeshaus which served as the Provisional Parliament House of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1949 until 1999. There was also a guided tour of the House of History where the participating teachers learned a lot about the modern history of Germany since the Second World War.

 In the afternoon of the second day, there was a Civil Reception at the town hall where all the participants met the Mayor of Lüdenscheid Dieter Dzewas who gave a nice speech welcoming all the partners. After that, all the participating teachers visited the Phänomenta (interactive science museum) in Lüdenscheid which was quite interesting.

Each day, all the participants had both lunch and dinner together which gave them a welcomed opportunity to get to know each other better and to share their knowledge and experiences as well as their cultures.

This was especially true for the Erasmus+ Party held at school on the second evening with music, cabaret, theatre, drink, food and meeting colleagues.

In the evening of the third day, there was a Friendship dinner at Castle Altena where the partners expressed gratitude to each other for the successful cooperation on the project.


Presentations.The three major topics of the presentations of all the participating partners were:

1. Sad and glorious moments in a country’s history. The participants from each partner school held presentations about the history of their own country emphasising the sad and glorious moments and thus giving all the partners the opportunity to learn more about the history of all the participating countries .Also, presentations were held about the

2. Ethnic composition of the country through history to the present




Erasmus+ 2015/2017


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