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Lüdenscheid. Städtische Adolf-Reichwein-Gesamtschule.  Eulenweg 2.  Germany.



StARG Lüdenscheid

14.03.2016 – 18.03.2016 


Present organisation

We are a comprehensive school in the county of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The school’s funding body is the town of Lüdenscheid.

We are about 100 teachers plus 2 social pedagogues, 2 secretaries, 2 caretakers.


We have about 1200 students, from class 5 – 13, aged 11 – 19. Students come to our school after having finished primary school. Most of them leave our school after class 10 with one of two possible qualifications and start some sort of vocational training. Those with better marks can join our “sixth form” and study for three more years to leave school with the highest possible qualification (the “Abitur”) to go e.g. to university.


Our students are ethnically mixed, that means it mirrors the population in the town of Lüdenscheid, many of our students are of Turkish origin. Others come from Greece, Italy and Poland.


As a comprehensive school one of the basic principles of our school is that children of different origin learn together – so they are not sorted into different schools after primary school but stay together at one school where they can obtain different qualifications.


The school is named after Adolf Reichwein (1898 – 1944), a gifted educator and professor of education, who fought against the Nazis in Germany and was murdered by them in 1944.

  We teach the whole range of subjects:

Languages: German, English, French, Latin

o Sciences: Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry


Humanities: History, Geography, Religious Education, Philosophy, Social Studies, o Others: world of work, home economics, sport, music

• Special features of our school / awards:


We are a “school without racism” – there is a project done in this field every year, racism and what we can do against it is part of the school curriculum


We got an award for “job counselling”, trying to prepare our students for the world of work, organising several weeks of job experience


We got an award for “language sensitive teaching” and the subject “language” that was developed at our school and is now standard at many other schools. Both should help our students with essential basic linguistic qualifications that will make it easier for him to read, understand and produce texts of all kinds in all subjects.


We work together with the German Football Association, having special football courses. At the moment we are about to start a football orientated project with a school in Namibia/Africa


We have four current exchanges running with schools in France, Poland and England, and with a university/teacher training institute in Russia.

-  we are just beginning to introduce a European dimension into our school, e.g. starting with projects on Europe Day


-  lessons in a new subject called “language”, where we try to enhance the linguistic competence in the German language of our younger German and multicultural students, who often have difficulties in understanding texts/producing texts

we have no experience with international projects, like Erasmus+




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