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Art.: Liena Bizune - Riga


Grunnskolinn a Isafirdi. Isafjardarbaer. Austurvegur 6. Iceland. IS002 - Landsbyggð



Bolungarvik is a fishing village situated at the outskirts of the Isafjordur Bay. The small cove, which the village derives its name from, faces north-east and is limited by the mountain Oshyrna opposite and Tradarhyrna mountain just above the actual village.

Fishing has been the main occupation of this area since the early days of settlement of Iceland due to the easy access to excellent fishing grounds. Several fisherman-huts were situated by the seashore, only inhabited seasonally depending on the fishing period and permanent habitation didn't exist for a long time. General trading in Bolungarvik didn't start until 1890 and shortly after that people began to settle down in the area. Bolungarvik received a trade licence 1903 and the building of the harbour started in 1911. The village's main industry is fishing and related services.

6svdr is an excellent example of how seamanship and fishing at sea was performed originally in Iceland and through the centuries. The renovation of an old fisherman's hut started here at 6svor in 1988 and today the surroundings, the equipment as well as the atmosphere is representing how everyday life really was during the era of the rowboats.

The museum at 6svor is a reconstructed fishing station, recreated as a memorial of almost forgotten Icelandic industrial activity.

On site there is a fisherman's hut, a salting-house, a hut to dry the fish, a rowboat, a tug capstan, a where the fish was laid out to dry and trestles huts.

Inside there are many different tools and equipment for everyday use. Our guide of the museum is an excellent representative of the Icelandic fisherman as he walks around the area in his typical sheep-skin outfit.


Erasmus+ 2015/2017


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