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Applicant Organisation

Grunnskolinn a Isafirdi. Isafjardarbaer. Austurvegur 6. Iceland. IS002 - Landsbyggð

15.05. - 19.05.2017



Present organisation

Our school has 350 students in 1.-10. grade. Grunnskólinn á Ísafirði is the only school for children aged 6-16 in a small village in the Westfjords, northwest Iceland. The area is disadvantaged, transportation is difficult and the fishing industry has decreased greatly in the last decades. Five years ago there were over 500 children in our school but now the are around 400, because people are movingaway.


In the upper classes (8.-10.) the school is changing the teaching and starting to use Ipads. It makes a great difference and lets the kids take more responsibility for their work. It also makes it easier for teachers to meet the needs of each individual.

The school uses Restitution and its motto is Respect, Harmony and Education.


Our town is in the Westfjords that is the head of Iceland. Ísafjörður and three other little villages have about 3000 people. It is a small community with a beautiful nature all around.

The school has a method to decrease early school leaving by working with the community. Students in danger of dropout get to work one day a week for a company they find interesting, for example: building society, play schools and grocery stores.


Our change in teaching methods and more use of IT programs give us more opportunity to work with schools around Europe in diverse ways.



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