Nature museum

Erasmus+ 2015/2017

Art.: Liena Bizune - Riga


Grunnskolinn a Isafirdi. Isafjardarbaer. Austurvegur 6. Iceland. IS002 - Landsbyggð


NaturAL history museum in BOLUNGARVIK




Founded in 1998, the Natural History Museum at Bolungarvik provides a comprehensive overview of the bird and mammal life indigenous the Westfjords region. It houses an impressive mineral collection and boasts one of Icelands largest taxidermy collections including a polar bear that was killed 64 kilometers (40 mi) offshore after drifting from Greenland on pack ice.


The museum is located in the centre of Bolungarvík and has in display a variety of natural items as stuffed land and sea mammals, over 250 stuffed birds, both icelandic breeders with their eggs and many vagrants.

There are rocks and minerals mainly from the collection of a local geologist Steinn Emilsson and some millions year old pieces of lignite testimonials of the ancient Icelandic forest.
The jaw from the biggest blue whale known to have been caught and thus the biggest animal ever known goes together with a series of poster regarding whale and whaling in Iceland. The display is corporation project between Natural history Museum and Skrúður, the botanical garden in Dýrafjörður.

A new display about raven includes not only a real nest but artefacts and stories telling the relationship between this wonderful bird and the Icelandic culture over the centuries.


Erasmus+ 2015/2017


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