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GYMNASIO PALOURIOTISSAS.  Cyprus.  Nicosia. Aegeos street

24.10.2016 Ц 28.10.2016



Present organisation



Palouriotissa Gymnasium is one of the oldest schools in the center of the capital, Nicosia. It suffered extended damages during the

Turkish invasion in 1974 and reopened in 1975 to receive the refugee students who came here from the occupied areas.

Today, the building is shared between the Upper Secondary (Palouriotissa Lyceum) and the Lower Secondary (Palouriotissa

Gymnasium). The school is situated in a disadvantaged area with many refugees and immigrants We have 460 students and 70 teachers. About one third of the students come from mixed marriages and half of them are immigrants.

 Our priorities are to minimize social exclusion and early school leaving. We have special programmes for the newcomers where we offer support in Greek and Maths . Another priority is to raise the levels of academic knowledge and prepare them for the Upper Secondary School. We also work on different activities that have to do with the European Dimension (E -twinning and other European competitions) sports, voluntarism, environmental issues, culture and we are open to any activity that adds to the formation of European Citizens.

We use different approaches and extra curricular activities for our students such as competitions, music events , theatre, art, voluntarism, visits to museums and other places of interest, and we help them publish a school newspaper and magazine. We encourage them to be active members of their school community and their representatives take part in the administration meetings once a month.







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