Erasmus+ 2015/2017
PrewPres. Iceland
Pres. Cyprus
Pres. Germany
Language Germany
Pres. Croatia 1
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Pres. Latvia 1
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Art.: Liena Bizune - Riga


latvia - riga - 2017









How the school is using the latest technologies to develop teaching methods and decrease early school leaving. Academical support for immigrants in Greek and Math, lessons aiming to develop studentsí motivation, intercultural skills and prevent their early school leaving. Multiculturalal activities: history and culture of participating immigrant students through dances, music and food and language awareness of the spoken languages through quizzes and role plays

Integration via science lessons

(tourism, nature, national heritage)


Literary tourism.

Teaching Semiotics principles  using as a model Blackheads House façadeís presentation.

Rainis and Aspazija.

Enhancing students' tolerance via literary tourism.

The German experience in dealing with immigrantsí and low achieversí problems. Germany Integration via language training  
  • Bryndis Bjarnason,

  • Guðbjörg Halla Magnadóttir,

  • Helga Björt Möller,

  • Sveinfríður Olga Veturliðadóttir

  • Christina Chimaridou

  • Eva Adamou

  • Zvonimir Vuković  

  • Zdenka Barović

  • Vesela Visic

  • T. Moisejeva,

  • Y. Chernakova,

  • L. Renge

  • I. Shinkareva

  • Astrid Ebnicher,

  • Carsten Lampe,

  • Ralph David



  1. Presentation: Integration via science lessons (tourism, nature, national heritage)

  2. Presentation 2

  3. Presentation 3 - Pupil Maja's

  1. Presentation 1
  2. Presentation 2
  3. Presentation 3
  4. Prezentācija - Pichukane





Erasmus+ 2015/2017


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